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June 24, 2012
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Microsoft Surface Phone 8 by Jonas-Daehnert Microsoft Surface Phone 8 by Jonas-Daehnert
Check Out my new FB-Site 'Phone Designer': [link]

This is the final concept of the 'Surface Phone'. The whole concept is inspired by the Surface Tablet >> [link]
I hope Microsoft is planning a Surface Phone. Later this year I will definetely buy the Surface-Pro! :D

Well about the specs: I don't really care about the specs. Maybe there is working a Quadcore in it - 2GB of Ram - 32-64Gb Storage - Display 1280x768 - 16MPx, FullHD Camera and so on...


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I still use a Blackberry, love it. But also love my Surface Pro. :D
I would soooo buy the sh*t out of this phone
I would buy this. I would buy this so hard.
I got some google sketchup phones but i need someone to render them for me
Interrested? PM me
what happen about nokia when microsoft do that ???                partner  or the enermy ?      idont know why microsoft do that       nokia is the partner for improve your os  many people use wp becaus of nokia is produce it and when you are successful you will betray him    and produce your product it not fair for nokia      you want to knew , didnt have nokia woudn't have you on time likely      but i like your project it has a smart look and high qulity and it could be the best product for competition with high-end smartphone like iphone nokia and another product when you are make it carfully and beyond one's capability  it will be  thebest phone certainly ^^

i want to know about    1. are you ask your partner and what happen when it is coming 2. when is your product coming ?
Jonas-Daehnert Aug 8, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Hey goozavar,

I'm glad you like it!
To your questions: It's just a fan concept. Nothing official. ^^

Best regards, Jonas
Jonas-Daehnert Jul 16, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you!
Beautiful concept, very well done! You wouldn't happen to have a version of this design in vector AI or PSD format, would you? I am currently creating a concept of Windows 8 and WP8 UI redesigns and would love to use this to go along with the Surface tablet that I have used for my Windows 8 design!
NicanorJourney Mar 18, 2013  Student Filmographer
Beautiful! Just like the tablet namesake.

Will probably be an awesome phone, but I already got a Nokia Lumia 920 so even if they do announce one I won't be using one unless it survives to see multiple generations (really hoping the Surface can build up support- my vote for best looking tablets)
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